Electric Switches:

Widely known as Manufacturers of switches in India, we market nearly all kinds of switches required among all electrical & electronic equipment used for both domestic as well as industrial electrification. We vow to provide you all types of electrical switches as per your customized needs without bargaining on perfection and technique.

FRotary Switches

Placed in Delhi, Naresh Electro Industrial Corporation is synonymous with versatility for we offer a selection of rotary switches used as controlling devices in many industries and electronic appliances. We provide rotary switches in all sizes and shapes which further make their use in electronic devices, medical equipment, industrial controls, communication devices and computers.

Rocker Switches

Always surpassing your expectations as Manufacturer of Switches in India we continue to engender quality, performance and durability in our ,strong>Rocker Switches. You will never have to compromise availability with us for we showcase myriad rocker switches in vibrant colors and elegant designs finding their use in a large segment of corporate as well as industrial world.

about us

Centrally located in Delhi Naresh Electro Industrial Corporation has created a niche market for itself within a short period of its inception. We bring you world class branded products like PTFE wires & sleeves, Neico Transformers, Ganpati Relays, ELT Brand Copper & Aluminium Lugs & Terminals, and PRATEEK Brand Rocker & Push Switches. Read more

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